Containerization, Security and Control

Security and Control

FIPS-validated, app-level, AES 256-bit encryption that is independent of the device secures corporate data even if the device passcode is compromised. Secure inter-app communication restricts data sharing to between containerized apps. Security and compliance policies allow IT to always retain control over business apps and data. High-availability & disaster recovery (HA/DR) configuration allows adherence to mobility SLAs. A trusted secure architecture ensures that app data is encrypted end-to-end and flexible deployment options provide companies with control over where app data goes.

User Experience

The Shared Services Framework allows users to pull together the capabilities of multiple mobile apps to solve complex business problem in the workflows they want. Single sign-on (SSO) authentication allows users to login once and get access to all Good-secured apps on the device. Integration with Kerberos constrained delegation (KCD) further extends SSO access to enterprise resources without having to enter additional corporate credentials.

Containerization For a Secure User  Experience

Immediate Productivity, Secure Containerization

Immediate Productivity

The Good Secure Collaboration Suite, using Good containerization technology, provides secure email, calendar, contacts, tasks, browsing, file sharing and instant messaging on the devices your users desire. An extensive ecosystem of 3rd-party Good secured mobile apps offers containerized apps for document editing, business intelligence, ERP/CRM, remote desktop and more.

Native or Hybrid Apps

Next generation containerization technology in the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform enables businesses or ISVs to consistently and easily build secure apps with enterprise-level policy controls. Easily containerize hybrid or native apps, even when source code is unavailable.

Containerization for Apps
Containerization Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit

The Software Development Kit (SDK) provides expanded capabilities through code integration. It adds publishing of services, improved performance via app server clustering, implementation and management of app-specific custom policies, and identity & access management services such as two-factor authentication.

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