Enterprise Mobility Management Lifecycle

Reduce Costs and Simplify Management

Reduce costs and simplify management by centrally controlling the complete mobile device and app life-cycle for Good apps, Good-secured 3rd party ISV apps, and your own custom developed apps across a growing range of popular enterprise devices. Build your mobile business faster with comprehensive mobility life-cycle management from build, secure, manage and deploy through support. The Good Dynamics platform provides mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), mobile content management (MCM), mobile service management (MSM) and a customizable enterprise app store. Simplify roll out and management with cloud-hosted as well as on premise deployment options.

Secure Apps, Data, and Devices

Protect your business from data leakage and mobile threats with a layered security approach that protects at every level: apps, data, and devices. Prevent users or apps from leaking enterprise data outside of IT control by protecting corporate applications and data—not just the device. With the gold standard for enterprise mobile security and the world’s leading secure container, Good ensures the security of your corporate data.

Secure Apps, Data, and Devices with Enterprise Mobility Management
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Deliver an Experience Users Love

With mobility, users will go around IT if it interferes with their experience or privacy. Provide a natural user experience that they love while meeting your corporate security and compliance requirements. For day one productivity, Good Work’s people-centric design delivers simple and quick app navigation, accelerated productivity and a personalized experience to drive user adoption. For document management, CRM, business intelligence and more, users enjoy the native experience of a wide range of leading third party business ISV apps built on the Good Dynamics platform.

Trust an Enterprise-Ready Solution

Deliver a proven, enterprise ready solution that you can rely on. The Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform powers more than half of the Fortune 100 today. Designed for a 100% mobilized workforce, it delivers built-in high availability and disaster recovery while avoiding brittle and insecure components such as VDI and inbound VPN connections. Monitor the entire environment end-to-end to find problems before they impact users. Control help desk and other costs throughout your roll out.

A Proven Enterprise Mobility Management Solution
Future-Ready Enterprise Mobility Management

Ensure the Flexibility to Meet Future Needs

Mobility is in a state of constant change with new devices, apps and innovative authentication methods such as biometrics and soft tokens coming every day. Choose a platform that won’t limit your choices down the road. Create your own secure apps using the leading secure app development platform with over 1600 customer-developed apps built to date. And Good Dynamics won’t box you in when you need to extend secure mobility to business partners, customers or even wearables. With its a long track record of innovation and sole focus on mobility, Good ensures you will always stay ahead of mobile change.