In fact, your employees may be knowingly using mobile apps and related services that lead to corporate data leakage. A recent study by Cisco** indicates that 70% of a certain generation of workers regularly breaks IT policy. No surprise, then, that 77% of U.S. companies experienced leaks of critical company data from mobile devices in 2010.

With Good solutions, you can now protect your investment in Data Protection, and extend it to both company-owned and BYOD mobile devices.

Good Data Protection solutions protect:

  • Data in Motion – strong, over-the-air encryption protects all corporate data transmitted to and from employee devices.
  • Data at Rest – AES FIPs-validated encryption, selective data wipe, and the ability to apply enterprise-grade password policies don’t interfere with the user’s personal experience.
  • Data in Use – app-level policies allow the separation of “personal” and “corporate” data and prevent leakage from corporate apps to personal apps and public cloud services.

Good Data Protection Solutions consist of:

Together, we ensure that your employees can access the most sensitive corporate data on their favorite mobile devices, remain highly productive, and do so without exposing your company to the significant financial and reputational damage that data loss involves.