Analyst Research

BlackBerry Named a Leader in EMM

Forrester Research, Inc. evaluated BES12 and Good Secure Mobility Solution along with offerings from other significant EMM vendors. The BlackBerry solution portfolio of BES12 and Good Powered by BlackBerry scored among the highest in 14 of the 25 criteria measured by Forrester, including Network Security, Containerization, Data Management and Security, App Management, App Security, Secure Productivity Apps and Reporting and Analytics. According to Forrester Research, "BlackBerry's strong network and data security paired with recently acquired Good Technology's containerization for new devices and application services will enhance its offering further and cement its leadership position."

Gartner’s Enterprise Mobile Security Model

As organizations move to highly mobilized workforces, IT departments are challenged with evolving mobile security policies, moving from programs that addressed device and email security, to addressing a wide range of mobile applications, both on-premise and cloud-based. This fundamental shift requires an understanding of the business’ use cases and security requirements as well as industry benchmarks for various security levels. The Gartner Enterprise Mobile Security Model defines five levels of mobile security and provides a guide to determine the people, processes and technology needed to achieve each level.

Gartner Research: 2015 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

More than100 vendors offer EMM functions. Gartner developed inclusion criteria involving a combination of business metrics and technical capabilities which resulted in five vendors within the Leaders quadrant. According to Gartner, "Leaders have the highest product revenue in the EMM market, several years of proven customer implementations, customer mind share, and extensive partnerships with channel and other technology providers. They have the most complete products in the EMM market." Read this complimentary report to see Gartner’s complete evaluation and why Good Technology is recognized as a Leader for the fifth straight year.*

Gartner’s Critical Capabilities For High Security Mobility Management

In this inaugural report, Gartner offers guidance on 6 common use cases that can be applied to your organization. This report reviews and evaluates 19 vendors selected on the basis of offering software and hardware products which meet specific security requirements including certifications and awards, data security, and authentication to name a few. Good Technology receives the highest score for 6 out of 6 Use Cases: BYO, Shared Devices, Non-employee, High Security Commercial, High Security Government Grade and Shared Data. Read this report to gain deeper insights into which products and services are a best fit for your organization’s use cases.

IDC: Good is Largest Pure-Play EMM Vendor

Good Technology has been recognized as the largest pure-play enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider by IDC in its 2014 Worldwide EMM Market Shares report. The report states that the EMM software market grew from $1.1 billion to $1.4 billion in 2014, representing total year-over-year growth of 27.2 percent, and highlights a maximum of five vendors that were able to impact the market. IDC’s analysis reveals that Good Technology has the second largest revenue share of the EMM software market with 9.7 percent, a significant increase over its fifth place share in 2013. 2014 recurring revenue for Good Technology grew 74 percent over 2013, which IDC expects will continue to rise as the company continues to sell a higher proportion of term licenses.

451 Research Report - The Top Five Enterprise Mobility Management Vendors

Good Technology, the leader in secure mobility, has ranked among the top 5 largest enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors in the 451 Research Enterprise Mobility Management Market Monitor and Forecast. The report looks at 125 vendors in six key segments of the mobile management and security market.

Gartner Research: Market Guide for Mobile Back-end Services

Speed time-to-market for your enterprise mobile apps and reap the benefits of increased app adoption and user productivity. By leveraging mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS), developers can focus on creating engaging and intuitive user experiences, while delivering the business-ready features needed to deploy mobile apps into the enterprise. This report provides mobile strategists, architects and developers with an overview of the vendors in this space, advice on how to evaluate offerings and an understanding of the key benefits that MBaaS delivers.

Gigaom Research Sector Roadmap: Enterprise Mobility Management

According to Gigaom “While mobile technology has made tremendous improvements in the past five years, enterprise mobility programs have not.” They find that “management is out of touch with the potential of the mobile enterprise.” The coming years will see a radical transformation of the mobile enterprise driven by a series of disruption. Gigaom has identified six key disruption vectors for the future of Enterprise Mobility Management. Read this report to learn how to harness these key disruptions to your benefit and avoid being overtaken by the coming mobile tsunami.

IDC Buyer Case Study: CommunityOne Bank

IDC interviewed Duke Prestridge, executive vice president and CIO of CommunityOne Bank, a national bank with over $2.2 billion in assets and 575 employees. Prior to 2012, CommunityOne's mobile workforce, consisting of senior executives and an outbound sales force, was using BlackBerry devices and an on-premise BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). Employees were frustrated with the user experience to the point where many of them had started to carry an additional personal device. Within this context, Prestridge developed a mobile strategy that rested on a 100% BYOD development model that would eliminate hardware costs but still meet a high threshold for security. Prestridge chose to deploy a set of enterprise mobility management tools from Good Technology and noted ".. with the Good deployment, mobile-related operating expenses declined by 45% from its BlackBerry days.

IDC MarketScape on Enterprise Mobility Management Software

As organizations mobilize IT needs a solution that harnesses the power of mobility, without compromising user experience, corporate data security or personal privacy. In their most recent IDC MarketScape on Enterprise Mobile Management Software, IDC evaluated a wide set of vendors delivering EMM software and named Good Technology a leader. The IDC MarketScape found “Good's customers cite deep comfort with the company's security model, easy administration, and an excellent support function as strengths of the company.“

Forrester Research: The Enterprise Wearables Journey - How Wearable Computing Will Improve Your Business

The defining technology of 2015 has to be the wearable device. The trickle of niche devices in 2013 that became a steady flow on Android-focused devices in 2014 just turned into a tsunami with an estimated one million Apple Watches being ordered in the first weekend. What’s more, according to Forrester survey, 51% of technology and business leaders identify wearables as a critical, high, or moderate priority for their organization. But, what are the benefits of wearables in the enterprise? What are the business use cases and timeframe around them? Do wearables introduce new security concerns? Read this Forrester report to understand what wearables means for your business.

Forrester: The State of Enterprise Mobile Security, Q1 2014

As more firms become comfortable with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategies, security and risk (S&R) pros must remain vigilant — particularly as firms seek to empower employees with more than just email, contacts, and calendaring. To be a business enabler, S&R pros must understand how mobile strategies for management and security are shifting from devices to apps and data. After reading this report, S&R pros will have a much better understanding of how other organizations are dealing with mobility risks and ultimately which considerations to take before planning future mobile initiatives.

2014 Aragon Research: Globe Report for Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

The 2014 Aragon Research Globe report for EMM rates vendors based on a rigorous analysis of strategy, performance and global reach. The results are in! Aragon Research lists Good Technology as the de facto leader in mobile security, a pioneer in providing a secure approach to managing both mobile devices and data. Access this report to see Aragon’s evaluation of EMM solutions and how they stack up in providing comprehensive EMM that goes beyond MDM to include mobile application management, mobile service management, mobile content management and much more.

Gartner Report - BYOD: The Results and the Future

While BYOD increases employee satisfaction and productivity, it creates serious concerns around security and management costs. Learn about the benefits from early adopters, avoid costly pitfalls and determine the right ownership model for your organization. Download now!

Gartner Research: Mobile Maturity Model

What have we learned in decades of computing experience? Transitions are chaotic. The move to mobile is no different—but as mobility becomes the de facto choice for conducting business, enterprises must develop a secure mobility strategy to enable a smooth IT transition. Fortunately the experts at Gartner are here to help. Read Gartner’s Mobile Maturity Model to learn how to begin your mobility program, optimize your mobile strategy, and use repeatable processes to ease functionality.

451 Research - BYOD Challenges, MDM Trends, Vendor Landscape

As the bring-your-own-device model continues to grow at twice the rate of corporate-owned devices, enterprises are facing an increasingly diversified mobility landscape. And though the productivity, cost and user-satisfaction benefits of BYOD abound, with them come complex management requirements and potential security challenges. This 451 Group report explains the BYOD challenges that can be addressed with an MDM solution, MDM investment changes and vendor implementation and adoption trends.


Tip Sheet: 5 Things to Look for in a Mobile Security Solution

When choosing a mobile security solution it is often difficult to separate facts from the hype. Many vendors claim to offer comprehensive security across popular mobile platforms such as iOS and Android but when you peel back the covers you often find that these vendors offer little more than basic MDM policies.

Email Security: Three Post-Sony Tips to Prepare for the Next Email Hack

The highly publicized Sony attack in late 2014 demonstrated the damage that hacked emails can have on an organization. Rarely has the most common productivity tool been turned into such an extraordinary weapon of extortion, shining a spotlight on the need for IT teams to rethink how they manage and protect all corporate data – especially among highly mobilized workforces.

Tip Sheet: Tips to Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Security

A secure and productive mobility strategy is a game changer for any business in today’s connected world. It’s becoming more imperative for users to gain access to corporate data on their mobile devices both inside and outside of the corporate network.

Advancing Secure Mobile Email and Collaboration

Good Work is a major leap forward in productivity above and beyond Good for Enterprise. A rich, streamlined, and modern interface, full integration of Active Directory pictures, Microsoft Lync presence and SharePoint document access, and easy access to your corporate business apps from the Good Launcher delivers significant productivity gains for your users.

Tip Sheet: An Insider's Guide to Better Mobile Business Email and Collaboration

The right mobility solution must address the most common employee tasks for maximum adoption and should do so in a secure fashion so that both corporate data and user privacy are protected at all times. Based on our extensive experience with thousands of customers worldwide, find five best practices to help you maximize productivity with the right mobile email and collaboration solution.

Tip Sheet: 5 Tips to Maximize Mobile Productivity with Microsoft Office Documents

As these users increasingly adopt mobile devices to improve customer engagement, productivity and work-life flexibility, they need a solution that provides similar desktop quality for viewing, editing, saving and sharing of their Microsoft Office documents while on the go.

Moving Forward with Mobile Business Apps - 8 Considerations

Now that many organizations are on board with the basics of business mobility, users are hungry for more. Companies everywhere are turning to mobile business apps to empower employees on the go and kickstart productivity. But as you add to your Mobile Device Management (MDM) investment, IT must ensure that the chosen apps can secure corporate data while enabling efficiency. Here are 8 things to consider as you move forward with mobile business apps.

Tip Sheet: 5 Tips for Developing the Right Security Policies for Wearables

The defining technology of 2015 has to be the wearable device. The trickle of niche devices in 2013 that turned into a steady flow on Android-focused devices in 2014 just turned into a tsunami with an estimated one million Apple Watches being ordered in the first weekend. Furthermore, a Forrester’s survey of global technology and business leaders reported that 51% identify wearables as a critical, high or moderate priority for their organization.

Brochure: Securely Mobilizing your Microsoft Investment

Good mobilizes Microsoft technologies, simply and securely. With Good, you can get more out of your existing investments in Microsoft products via an industry-leading enterprise mobility management solution with easy deployment and enterprise-grade security.

Tip Sheet: 9 Tips for Mobilizing your Microsoft Investment

In the era of the desktop, you could pretty much count on most users using a Windows PC and Microsoft optimizing the user experience for this platform. You could count on Microsoft to build apps that worked together nearly seamlessly. Exchange worked well with Outlook, which integrated with SharePoint. This helped you easily roll out an infrastructure that enabled business productivity.

Tip Sheet: 5 Critical Steps to Securely Manage Mobile Apps and Devices

Mobile adoption at work is mainstream. From the casual user who wants to check business email on their mobile phone, to the field technician who is carrying a mobile tablet to the customer site, the use cases addressed by mobile technologies are wide ranging. IDC predicts that 1 billion devices are coming to the work between 2013-20171, presenting both a formidable challenge and a tremendous opportunity for businesses that want to benefit from mobility.

Tip Sheet: 5 Traps to Avoid in your 2015 Mobile App Program

Working with progressive early adopters of mobile apps, Good Technology has gained visibility into successful mobile app programs and deployments. We’ve also seen what traps impede success and/or attainment of planned goals. Below are five (5) pitfalls to avoid in your mobile app program and corresponding recommendations for success.

Tip Sheet: Moving Beyond MDM to Mobile Apps

As organizations move beyond Mobile Device Management (MDM), IT must ensure that the chosen apps can secure corporate data while enabling efficiency. Here are 10 things to consider as you move forward with mobile business apps.

Tip Sheet: Mobile Collaboration: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid

The right mobile collaboration solution provides complete flexibility without impacting personal use or exposing corporate data to loss or theft. Give your employees access to the apps they know and love. Give your IT team an unbeatable secure infrastructure. And give your bottom line a kick in the right direction.

Top Considerations for Defining a Successful BYOD Strategy

The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) ownership model is here to stay. However, with the plethora of mobile device choices available to your employees, this model introduces inconsistent user experiences, data security challenges and potential deployment complexity.

Data Sheets

Good Secure Content Suite

The Good Secure Content Suite provides a complete and integrated platform for managing devices, apps, content and files in a world of pervasive mobility and cloud services.

Good Secure Mobility Suite

Use mobility to stay ahead of the competition. Achieve competitive advantage and business transformation through building, managing, securing and supporting a wide array of custom business apps. The Good Mobility Suite gives you everything you need to align your business processes to new mobile opportunities.

1-Click BYOD with Good Secure Enterprise Suite

How do you mobilize your workforce quickly while protecting company data and personal privacy on BYOD devices?

Accelerating Your Mobile Journey to Apps and Business Productivity

The Good Platform provides the foundation for enterprise mobility. It delivers industry-leading security at the device, app and data level while providing the flexibility to support an ever-changing set of business and technical requirements. Built for the most demanding businesses, the Good Platform is the enterprise-ready solution for meeting critical mobile needs.

BYOD Policy Construct

Create and implement a BYOD program as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Deployment Consulting Services

Soon you may need to rapidly prepare for a company-wide enterprise mobility rollout. We can help.

Secure Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

Easily manage users, apps, devices, content and policies. Mobilize your business content, including documents, business intelligence, customer records and more, simply and securely. Users access the content they need, where and when they need it, while IT stays in control for corporate-owned, bring your own and shared use devices. Get started today with one of the following suites that fit any stage of mobility adoption.

Good Access

Good Access is a secure mobile browser that enables business users to securely access their intranet and popular web based productivity applications using their mobile device of choice.

Good and HIPAA

Provides the firewall, transmission, and handheld device security required by HIPAA's Security Rule

Good Secure Collaboration Suite

The Good Secure Collaboration Suite delivers everything you need to move beyond just business email and enable your key business processes with enhanced collaboration and a wide range of ISV apps.

Good Connect

Good Connect delivers a secure instant messaging platform that protects corporate data at the application level. It leverages FIPS-certified AES encryption libraries, providing an additional layer of defense against malware-infected applications.

Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform

The Good Platform provides the foundation for enterprise mobility. It delivers industry-leading security at the device, app and data level while providing the flexibility to support an ever-changing set of business and technical requirements. Built for the most demanding businesses, the Good Platform is the enterprise-ready solution for meeting critical mobile needs.

Good Secure Enterprise Suite

This suite delivers mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), an enterprise app store, email, contacts, calendar and intranet browsing – all in one package for easy procurement and deployment. Used by thousands of businesses around the globe, Good is the go-to choice for IT.

Good for Enterprise

Good for Enterprise securely manages data and devices. It is part of the Good Secure Collaboration Suite and accelerates day one productivity, offering the following benefits to enterprises.

Good for Samsung Knox

Good for Samsung KNOX brings together the Good secure mobility platform and containerized app ecosystem with Samsung KNOX, the leading embedded security solution for Android devices.

Good Secure Management Suite

The Good Secure Management Suite enables IT with the control they need to manage this growing mobile population from a simple cloud-based solution.

Good Secure Mobile Productivity Suite

How do you empower users beyond email with the mobile office and CRM capabilities they need to be productive while on the go?

Good Share

Good Share provides a push/pull data exchange between app and document server. This means you can meet your employees’ needs without further investment in VPN, firewall re-configurations, or risky cloud or DMZ stores.

Good Work

More business is being done on mobile devices than ever before. IT wants to meet the demands of end users with solutions that deliver usability and protect corporate data. They are looking for trusted partners that offer affordable and future-proof technology. Employees want to use their mobile devices to get work done – quickly and easily. Businesses want to grow and stay competitive while managing costs. So how do you do it all?

Good Work Deployment Consulting Services

How do you make your mobile workforce more productive, while keeping your company’s data secure – no matter who owns the device? Good Technology professional services team has the answer and can help you get started quickly and efficiently. Our world-class team has a track record of over a thousand implementations and can help accelerate your deployment so you can deliver business-class collaboration with industry-leading security, and mobile-optimized performance.

Mobile Operations Management

Mobile environments are inherently complex, consisting of multiple devices, apps, carriers, NOCs, firewalls, networks, proxies, load balancers, Microsoft Exchange, and other backend infrastructure. However, traditional monitoring fails to look across this entire infrastructure, end-to-end including components both inside and outside the firewall. Good Mobile Service Management provides proactive monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting, enabling operations teams to pinpoint issues before they cause service disruptions.

Mobile Service Management

Enterprise mobility users have little tolerance for service downtime and, as companies move to enterprise-wide mobility, IT will have to maintain SLAs similar to other enterprise platforms. With Good Mobile Service Management, IT can continually monitor the mobility infrastructure, enable mobility services to be restored before mobile users are aware of issues and allow existing helpdesk teams to provide users with actionable intelligence without having to be mobility experts.

Mobile Support Management

Good Mobile Service Management addresses the complex support challenge by providing the visibility support teams need. Included Service Desk capabilities empower level-one service desk staff to resolve most issues, reduce escalations and drive down the costs of wide-scale mobile deployments. User Self-Service ensures many common issues never require a support call in the first place.

Protecting The 3 C's of Secure Mobility

Containers Need to Protect The 3 C’s of Secure Mobility.
Not all mobile app containers are created equal. Containers need to protect documents, yet also ensure secure mobility beyond content to both credentials and configuration information.

Technical Container Requirements to Enable Secure Mobility

The Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform utilizes secure container technology designed from the ground up to protect the 3 C’s of secure mobility: content, credentials and configurations.

Mobile Device Management

Good® Mobile Device Management (MDM) supports the complete mobile device lifecycle, providing IT with a central location from which to view, configure and control any managed smart device over the air. Mobile users can work on the devices they choose and IT can ensure safe access to proprietary business information.

White Papers

Evaluating Approaches to Mobile Security

This IDG whitepaper provides an overview of the leading approaches to mobile security and provides key considerations and benefits for each. Read this whitepaper to better understand how to evaluate mobile security approaches including when and how to move beyond the basics of mobile device management, what’s needed to adjust to an app-centric reality, and how containerization compares to virtualization & dual-persona approaches.

An End-to-End Framework for Mobile Security

To meet expectations for convenient mobile apps and data, IT and application development departments face ever-increasing and evolving requirements for mobility enablement. They’re also confronted with a persistent challenge – securing the corporate data.

Getting Ready for iOS9

Apple iOS 9 is the latest version of Apple’s flagship OS for the iPhone and iPad. With an expected release of September 2015, many IT Professionals are preparing to support this major launch. Unlike PC devices, IT is generally unable to avoid users adopting the OS on day one. However, through a set of technical readiness activities as well as advice to users, IT can mitigate some of the impact of such a sudden change to their environment.

The Role of Third-Party Tools for Office 365 Compliance

Avoid being 1 of 5 organizations that have experienced data loss, malware infiltration or related problems through mobile devices during the past 24 months. Download “The Role of Third-Party Tools for Office 365 Compliance” white paper from Osterman Research

Secure Mobility Solutions for Public Sector

State and local governments are rapidly adopting mobile devices and apps as a means to drive workforce productivity. Public service workers in the field can get more done on phones and tablets using mobile office capabilities that drive document and form-based work-flows. Public safety officers and officials can access critical information in real time from criminal justice and other information systems, increasing mission success rates and efficiency. For many agencies, mobility is way to meet common government initiatives such as Green IT, Telework, Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Cloud First.

Financial Services Position Paper

The challenge in today’s increasingly mobile world is to keep IT systems and associated corporate data safe even when it is no longer securely locked behind bricks and mortar. How can leading international financial institutions successfully strike the right balance between mobility and security without one compromising the other?

Report: Good Quarterly Mobility Index Report Q3 2015

This report marks the tenth quarterly installment of the Good Technology™ Mobility Index, an ongoing initiative to track and analyze the impact of mobile apps, platforms and device preferences. This document presents the details of the Good Mobility Index and the methodology behind it.

Report: Good Quarterly Mobility Index Report Q2 2015

This report marks the tenth quarterly installment of the Good Technology™ Mobility Index, an ongoing initiative to track and analyze the impact of mobile apps, platforms and device preferences. This document presents the details of the Good Mobility Index and the methodology behind it.

Report: Good Quarterly Mobility Index Report Q1 2015

This report marks the tenth quarterly installment of the Good Technology™ Mobility Index, an ongoing initiative to track and analyze the impact of mobile apps, platforms and device preferences. This document presents the details of the Good Mobility Index and the methodology behind it.

Report: Good Quarterly Mobility Index Report Q4 2014

This report marks the tenth quarterly installment of the Good Technology™ Mobility Index, an ongoing initiative to track and analyze the impact of mobile apps, platforms and device preferences. This document presents the details of the Good Mobility Index and the methodology behind it.

Report: Good Quarterly Mobility Index Report Q3 2014

This report marks the tenth quarterly installment of the Good Technology™ Mobility Index, an ongoing initiative to track and analyze the impact of mobile apps, platforms and device preferences. This document presents the details of the Good Mobility Index and the methodology behind it.

Report: Good Quarterly Mobility Index Report Q2 2014

This report marks the tenth quarterly installment of the Good Technology™ Mobility Index, an ongoing initiative to track and analyze the impact of mobile apps, platforms and device preferences. This document presents the details of the Good Mobility Index and the methodology behind it.

Report: Good Quarterly Mobility Index Report Q1 2014

This report marks the tenth quarterly installment of the Good Technology™ Mobility Index, an ongoing initiative to track and analyze the impact of mobile apps, platforms and device preferences. This document presents the details of the Good Mobility Index and the methodology behind it.

A Better Way to Work with Mobile: The eBook

Snack-sized productivity is about using mobile to transform those small moments into time to get work done – in the coffee line, at the airport check in, between meetings. Whether your company has a formal mobility policy or not, you better believe employees are using their mobile devices and consumer apps for work. Don’t compromise on enterprise security, collaboration or user experience. In this 8-page eBook, learn A Better Way to Work with mobile using Good Work™.

Secure Mobility Solutions for Financial Services

Customer demands and expectations have moved rapidly forward. Customers are increasingly mobile and see no reason why they cannot conduct their banking transactions or access their information wherever and whenever they want on the device of their choice, rather than being restricted to the confines of traditional office hours or lengthy reporting cycles

Secure Mobility Solutions for Law Firms

The legal world is rapidly adopting mobile productivity and the delivery of legal content to mobile devices. Attorneys are bringing phones and tablets to work and looking for IT to support the apps they want to use to drive productivity anytime and anywhere. Law firms of all sizes realize that access to case information and the ability to communicate with clients and peers on mobile devices raises the speed and quality of client services and increases the opportunities for additional services and billable time.

Understanding Good Technology Risk and Compliance Framework

To keep pace with the rapid evolution in mobility, Good Technology uses a combination of people, process, and tools that form a Risk and Compliance framework. This reduces the risk of data leakage from any Good-secured app as a result of a compromise of the underlying mobile device operating system.

Maintaining Mobile Reliability and Uptime

As users become mobile and revenue increasingly depends on mobility ensuring reliable operation becomes paramount. Unfortunately, mobile architectures present an unavoidable set of unique challenges for IT operations. Traditional monitoring solutions fail to fully address these challenges. As a result, service interruptions can be commonplace and can severely and adversely impact the bottom line for many businesses. This white paper will present an overview of the unique attributes of mobility as well as best practices to effectively address accompanying challenges.

Grow Your Business with the Right Mobility Solution

There’s no denying it: Mobility has made the anytime-anywhere workforce a reality. Read this paper to learn exactly how mobilizing your core business workflows can turbo-charge productivity. See the why-didn’t-I-think-of-that ways companies are going mobile to boost efficiency and stay competitive. You’ll learn how to balance the benefits and risks of mobile collaboration, evaluation criterion for secure mobility solution, and the most common workforce tasks businesses are mobilizing today.

Applying IT Service Management Best Practices To Mobile

IT Service Management is an effective, customer-focused approach to ensure that users get the IT services they require in the right priority, in a timely fashion and at the right price. As mobility becomes a critical business system, applying ITSM to mobility can improve mobile service and business results. Learn best practices on how to apply ITSM to a mobile world.

Mobility Report: Are You Keeping Pace with Your Peers?

Learn where you rank on mid-market mobility adoption
Mid-market companies are the growth engine of today’s economy; they’re growing—and hiring—much more quickly than their enterprise cousins. And this breakneck growth makes mobile productivity critical.

Enhancing Business Productivity with Secure Mobile Workflows

Companies everywhere are moving beyond the basics of mobility to deliver sophisticated mobile workflows that connect employees with each other, their partners and their customers. Read this paper to see how you can join them. Learn how to increase productivity by mobilizing email, calendar, document editing, contract signing and more. See sample workflows that create efficiencies for sales teams, lawyers, financial advisors, healthcare professionals and first responders—to name just a few. Find out how bring mobile structure to the collaboration process and reduce the risk of data loss.

Mobile Support Challenges

In recent years, mobility has taken the enterprise by storm. In a shockingly short time period smartphones have gone from consumer novelty to nearly biquitous, both outside and inside the workplace. Many users today use mobile devices as their primary interface to the business. Still more use it frequently during their off-hours. The productivity gains have been massive and the opportunity for additional business transformation makes mobility the most promising emerging technology of our time.

Managing Large-Scale Mobile Deployments

As enterprise mobility becomes pervasive, service interruption can severely and adversely impact the bottom line. However, unlike tier-one systems that were designed, architected and built for reliability and supportability, the rapid emergence of mobility has necessitated a series of compromises. Is IT ready for the growing mobility challenge?

Managing Exchange-Connected Mobile Devices in the BYOD Era

The popularity of BYOD and some of its attendant problems have brought about an increased focus on the need to understand what mobile devices are connecting to an infrastructure, to make sure that supported builds of the operating system and applications are used, provide end-to-end support for devices, and how to manage the load on the infrastructure generated by connections originating on mobile devices. And most importantly, how to accomplish all these goals in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Mobilizing Enterprise Data

Developing a mobile strategy requires the delicate balance of usability, adoption and security in addition to device and platform diversity. Creating a beautiful interface with limited functionality may not impact productivity. Deploying an application with stringent security controls may appease IT but limit usability. This white paper, written by both Good and InnoviMobile, provides insight and a framework to identify the business objectives, people, processes, policies and technology required to optimize enterprise mobility.

All Containers are Not Created Equal – The 3 Cs of Secure Mobility

Many enterprises are looking for a migration path from BlackBerry and device management to a new app-centric mobility solution, and are inundated by vendors claiming to enable secure mobility with “containers.” But how do you sift through the hype? This whitepaper describes the Three C’s of Secure Mobility—content, credentials, and configurations – and how containers need to account for native vulnerabilities to protect them. Read how the Good solution provides unique protection and learn the security risks of relying on MDM as your foundational security layer.

Exchange ActiveSync Management Challenges

Exchange ActiveSync has become the de facto standard for synchronizing mobile device calendar, contact, and e-mail data. A successful mobile device deployment depends on giving users a reliable, stable synchronization experience, but there are many parts in the Exchange ActiveSync data path, and if any of these parts fail or degrades the overall experience for some or all of your users will be substandard. This paper describes the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, the data path used for provisioning and synchronizing devices, describes the major challenges inherent in providing reliable sync services particularly for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) users, and discusses how Good Technology solutions help meet those challenges by improving uptime and availability, reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) and increasing first-call problem resolution rates.

10 Best Practices for Implementing a Successful BYOD Program

The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) ownership model is no longer hype or a privilege of early adopters. According to Gartner, “By 2017, half of employers will require employees to supply their own device for work purposes”1. Businesses everywhere have acknowledged the benefits that a BYOD model delivers – including improved user productivity, engagement and satisfaction as well as potential cost savings.

MAM 10 Requirements from Real Customer Deployments

Mobile Device Management (MDM) has ushered in on-the-go access to enterprise data, but that convenience has only whetted the appetite of enterprise users. Today’s employees now want access to the whole universe of enterprise applications, network resources, and collaboration tools on demand, on their devices of choice. More apps, more data, more convenience, these expectations add up to a requirement for more creative enterprise enablement within the necessary boundaries of IT control.

7 Must Haves for Mobile App Security

Mobile devices are not just another type of endpoint. Inherent features (e.g., camera, accelerometer, proximity sensor, etc.) coupled with the always-connected, readily available nature of these devices represent an opportunity for improvement in enterprise user productivity.

Wrapping or Coding: Pros and Cons of Containerization Choices

To realize the promises of “productivity improvement” from smart mobile devices, enterprises need to enable their employees with enterprise mobile apps – beyond corporate email, calendar and contacts. To provide value, these enterprise mobile apps must allow users to securely access and work with corporate data when they need it. Further, many enterprises are making mobile apps available to their extended enterprise – i.e., business partners, distributors, etc., making app security and control even more desirable.

Mobile App Security through Containerization: 10 Essential Questions

Mobile devices present a unique dilemma to the enterprise. On the one hand, workers empowered with tablets and smartphones can transform the way they do business; they’re more agile, closer to customers, and more productive. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs give users the freedom to work on the devices of their own choosing, while still allowing an enterprise to reap the productivity benefits of these always connected, readily accessible mobile devices.

Give All the People What They Want (Safely)

Face it. Modern workers are addicted to mobile devices. Not just any vanilla corporate-issued devices, but our carefully selected and personalized expressions of ourselves: iPads®, iPhones®, Androids™, and whatever-comes-next. Many of us get to use our devices in the office: 6 out of 10 businesses have welcomed the savings, satisfaction, and simplicity of BYOD programs enabling corporate application and network access from employee-owned devices. Another 32% plan to move to BYOD soon.

Effective Identity and Access Management in a Mobile World

Effective Identity and Access Management in a Mobile World. Few developments have created more IT disruption in the past five years than the explosion of mobile devices in the workplace. Organization after organization has reaped the benefits of mobile devices for employee productivity, collaboration, and customer communication and satisfaction. Hand in hand with the mobile explosion has been the trend of employees bringing their own devices to work, called Bring Your Own Device or BYOD, which has enhanced employee satisfaction, productivity, and competitive advantage in companies looking to hire the best of the younger generation or fulfill the needs of traveling executives.

Going Beyond Basic Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices bring challenges in the form of security risks. Many organizations believe mobile device management (MDM) solutions alone will protect their data. While MDM often has a role to play in managing mobile devices, this paper outlines how to use a complete platform approach to manage mobile devices, ensure cross-platform security, protect corporate information and address the security risks posed by consumer apps.

BYOD Policy Consideration (Security)

As more and more of your employees begin using their own iOS and Android devices for work purposes, you have a tremendous opportunity. Launching a "bring your own device" (BYOD) program can help you reduce mobile expenses. Drive employee satisfaction. And increase the productivity of your workforce. But first, you'll need to identify which employees are eligible to bring their own devices. And then know the mobile applications they require to be productive. This report will help you Build a reliable security strategy for employee mobile devices, Define financial reimbursement policies and Develop mobile support policies.

Balancing Mobile Technology Risk With Productivity

IT administrators responsible for keeping the financial services industry up-and-running and productive are keenly aware just how much their firms benefit from mobile technologies. Brokers, agents, processors, managers and other client services personnel can interact with applications more easily and efficiently—on-the-go within corporate offices as well as from home, on the road, or in the air. Whether using smartphones, tablets or laptops, all personnel can share and process information in ways that not only improve client services, but also streamline administrative tasks such as trade execution and client billing as well as critical and timely data exchanges with business partners.

Balancing Mobile Healthcare Risk With Productivity

Healthcare IT are keenly aware of just how much their healthcare organizations benefit from mobile technologies. Doctors, nurses and other clinicians can interact with applications and each other more easily and efficiently—on-the-go within healthcare facilities as well as from home, on the road, or in the air. But when selecting mobile technology, healthcare organizations face a large roadblock: the missing or limited security features and controls that mobile devices and supporting mobile applications introduce. This whitepaper examines the various process efficiencies that healthcare organizations gain by adopting a business-enabling mobile platform and how to employ supporting technologies to protect patient information so lives can be saved and regulations can be adhered to.

Are You App Able? Beyond the basics of email and calendar to LOB advantages: Mobile Apps

For once, high-tech industries are technology laggards. With service industries leading the adoption of mobile app software, traditional businesses are gaining productivity and revenue growth as they move beyond mobile email to line of business apps that enable workflows, collaboration, and communication. The mobile development talent pool continues to grow and security technology has become painless. With that, mobile app deployment has become fast, easy, and scalable. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to secure apps that allow enterprises to capture the most value from the exploding mobile opportunity – and what it means to your bottom line.

A Business Case for Secure Mobile Collaboration

The new productivity is driven by a generation of secure, collaborative mobile apps that let employees do more with their devices. By keeping workflows integrated and safe, these apps promote greater levels of collaboration and convenience in the areas of document retrieval, storage, editing, and transmission. These benefits, as well as costs, risks, and solutions are provided in the framework of a business case in our latest paper, “A Business Case for Mobile Collaboration.” This paper examines the business benefits of enabling mobile app workflows and elaborates on the business drivers behind supporting a secure collaboration strategy. Examines use cases of leaders driving productivity via mobility. The paper reviews the costs and benefits of opening mobile access to fuel interactions between employees.

A Business Case for Enterprise Mobility Management

Managing a diverse environment of devices, apps, and use cases in a manner that’s not just secure, but also cost efficient and scalable, can be challenging. The key to managing this diversity is to focus on data management, not device management. In our latest paper, “A Business Case for Enterprise Mobility Management,” we provide a framework for constructing a business case for enterprise mobility management.


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Mobile Service Quality: Exchange ActiveSync

As users go mobile, Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) is widely used for synchronizing mobile device calendars, contacts and email, but its many moving parts create numerous problems. Better understand these challenges as explained by Paul Robichaux, Exchange Server MVP in this ongoing series of videos on mobile service management.

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