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Gain visibility into the mobile risks posed to corporate assets

The program team will conduct an in-depth static code inspection and app behavioral analysis. The assessment will consist of dozens of analyses used to uncover hundreds of attributes which are then compared with millions of data points using advanced machine learning algorithms to produce a precise risk rating.

Keep risky apps away from corporate resources.

Using your new insight, take a formal stance to keep risky consumer apps away from your precious corporate assets, confidently selecting and deploying commercial and custom mobile apps that have been vetted for vulnerabilities, malicious code, and other weaknesses. Good has a growing set of partner apps already verified using Veracode available in the Good Dynamics Marketplace. If you are building your own apps, you have the benefit of securing them with the Good Dynamics containerization technology and assessing your code with Veracode.

Partner with the secure mobility leader

Gain expert mobile app security intelligence

Receive a detailed report capturing the app capabilities and behavior as it relates to your specific enterprise policies. Included in the final report is the static code inspection, which uncovers methods and features in the code that could lead to application vulnerabilities, inappropriate network activity, and any other malicious behavior. The report also includes guidance for the best mitigation techniques available for the risks identified, leveraging the unique capabilities embodied in the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform.