Secure Apps via Containerization with Mobile Application Management

Secure Apps via Containerization

Containerization protects at the app level. App data at rest is encrypted with device- and OS-independent cryptography. Secure app-to-app data sharing ensures constant information protection, even when data is temporarily cached to disk outside of the container. Containerized apps automatically leverage a secure infrastructure that encrypts data in motion, between an app container and behind the firewall resources. An SDK allows developers to build containerized apps, while app wrapping allows anyone – IT, a marketing manager – to create containerized apps, even when source code is unavailable.

Distribute Apps

A corporate-brandable, private enterprise app store provides a one-stop shop for distributing custom-built or curated apps to employees and authorized members of the extended enterprise (e.g., contractors, ecosystem partners, etc.) – even without managing the device. Provide users with a consumer-like experience, that’s consistent across platforms, but with enterprise controls.

Distribute Apps with Mobile Application Management
Manage and Enforce App-Level Policies with Mobile Application Management

Manage and Enforce App-Level Policies

Centrally manage compliance and data loss prevention (DLP) policies – even developer-specified custom app policies. Focus on managing the enterprise's information assets without having to take on management of devices not owned by the enterprise.

Simplify App Discovery

Ensure your users always find and install your corporate apps. The Good MAM solution fully integrates the enterprise app store into the Good Launcher, a component of apps such as Good Work, Good Access and Good Connect. Users instantly learn about the latest corporate apps, eliminating the need to market internal apps and increasing app ROI.

Simple App Discovery with Mobile Application Management

Report on App Metrics with Mobile Application Management

Report on App Metrics

Graphical dashboards provide a snapshot view of app adoption across the enterprise. Report on metrics such as registered enterprise app store users, number of apps and deployments, and app distribution across OS platform, app growth rate, app origin, most popular apps, and active users.