Secure Apps via Containerization with Mobile Application Management

Secure Apps via Containerization

Containerization protects at the app level. App data at rest is encrypted with device- and OS-independent cryptography. Secure app-to-app data sharing ensures constant information protection, even when data is temporarily cached to disk outside of the container. Containerized apps automatically leverage a secure infrastructure that encrypts data in motion, between an app container and behind the firewall resources. An SDK allows developers to build containerized apps, while app wrapping allows anyone – IT, a marketing manager – to create containerized apps, even when source code is unavailable.

Distribute Apps

The enterprise app catalog in BES12 provides a one-stop shop for distributing custom-built apps, curated apps and/or apps from consumer app stores to employees and authorized members of the extended enterprise (e.g., contractors, ecosystem partners, etc.) – even without managing the device.

Distribute Apps with Mobile Application Management
Manage and Enforce App-Level Policies with Mobile Application Management

Manage and Enforce App-Level Policies

Centrally manage compliance and data loss prevention (DLP) policies – even developer-specified custom app policies. Focus on managing the enterprise's information assets without having to take on management of devices not owned by the enterprise.