Secure Cloud Deployment

The Good Dynamics Platform is available as a cloud-based multi-tenant deployment in the Good Secure Cloud, with all the capabilities needed to manage the Good-secured apps used by your employees and your extended enterprise of business partners, distributors and more. The Good Enterprise Mobility Server provides powerful enterprise integration services to Exchange, Lync and many other systems mobilizing key business data. Good Control provides the ability to provision users and apps, and set fine-grained policy, all managed by IT through a web-based console. With no servers or infrastructure to deploy you can be up and running in minutes.

On Premise

On Premise

When regulatory requirements or greater IT control is desired, the Good Dynamics Platform can be deployed on-premise. The highly available Good Secure Cloud enables Good-secured apps access to behind the firewall servers and other resources without opening inbound firewall ports, adding DMZ/VPN infrastructure or allowing direct connections between mobile devices and corporate resources.

On Premise with Good Dynamics Direct Connect

On Premise with Direct Connect Deployment

Good Dynamics Direct Connect is on-premise deployment configuration that enables a direct path between the device and the enterprise data center. This option uses either a commercial off-the-shelf proxy or the Good Proxy server (a component of the Good Dynamics Platform) in the DMZ to provide this direct app data path. It delivers lower latency for multimedia apps and enhanced control for organizations that need to keep data within national boundaries as app data flows directly to/from the corporate network.