Good Dynamics - MDM

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Configure and manage devices over the air and lock down or remote wipe if compromised. Automate device provisioning, policy and configuration assignments, role changes, and device decommissioning. With MDM from Good, IT can focus on more strategic functions while still supporting the complete mobile device lifecycle.

Mobile App Containerization

Containerize apps to ensure segregation of business and personal data on mobile devices, whether corporate liable or BYOD. With mobile app containerization from Good, enterprises can sanction the widespread use of corporate information on mobile devices, safe in the knowledge that business data is always protected.

Enterprise App Store

Privately distribute mobile apps, whether custom-built or commercially available, even when devices are beyond enterprise control. Expand the reach of your enterprise with Good by safely promoting use of business information in your extended enterprise of employees, contractors, and business partners.

Mobile Application Management

Manage containerized apps and maintain control over corporate information being consumed by your extended enterprise across a growing variety of managed and unmanaged devices. With MAM from Good, you can support the complete mobile app lifecycle.

Mobile Content Management

Deliver the app-level encryption and data protection your mobile employees need to safely share documents and other content With Good you can securely mobilize content stored in SharePoint, on file shares, or across multi-device synchronization.

Mobile Service Management

Grow mobile deployments with a scalable, reliable solution that continually monitors the mobility infrastructure and provides extensive device metrics, enabling the support desk to quickly diagnose where problems lie and resolve them in a fraction of the time. Staffing costs are lowered, user satisfaction is increased and business disruption is minimized.

Mobile Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Today's app-driven world demands that Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities be delivered not just to mobile devices, but also to mobile apps. Good Dynamics bridges the gap between Enterprise IAM and the mobile endpoint by extending strong two-factor authentication, single sign-on, identity federation, and on-demand policy deployment and enforcement.

Deployment Options

Customers can choose how to deploy the trusted secure architecture of the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform, controlling how and where app data is routed. This helps address data privacy concerns and facilitates compliance with national and international data protection regulations.