Popular Mobile App Categories

Good-secured partners offer apps in many popular business categories.  Find them all in the
Good Marketplace, or browse some of the most popular below.


Document Editing & Annotation

The lifeblood of mobile business is documents. Document editing and annotation are always among the most popular apps in the Good Mobility Index. From mobile Office support to annotating PDFs to digital signing, business users need these high value/high ROI apps. With Good, IT has control over documents, with access control and encryption throughout document workflows.

Secure Note Taking

Mobile devices are replacing pads and paper for many people at meetings. Users want to be able to easily capture and sync freehand notes to their PCs and laptops and to applications like Microsoft Exchange. Because they are digitally captured, notes can now be annotated after the fact or have images and video appended to them.


Secure Voice and SMS

Many industries have voice and text communications archiving requirements. Because of this, financial services, government and healthcare organizations still rely heavily on corporate owned devices, resulting in employees carring two devices – one for business and one for personal use. Good secure voice and SMS partners provide an alternative, securing business communications on personal devices.

Secure Mobile Printing

Printing from a mobile device completes the “mobile office” for users. Native print capabilities are often limiting, because… Good mobile printing partners offer easy access to printers on the corporate network and even external locations when on the road.


Mobile IAM and Multi Factor Authentication

Many organizations are incorporating multi-factor authentication into their IT strategies. With Good, multifactor authentication technologies such as biometrics, smart cards and more can be easily used with any Good-secured app. Additional access controls to mobile devices, corporate apps and data enables greater security of corporate assets including the network and back end systems.