A business app keeps your business info secure

A business app keeps your business info secure.

Like millions around the globe, you use your personal smartphone or tablet for work and allow your employees to as well. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is convenient, but may leave you concerned about mixing business with personal information. Good Pro separates and encrypts your business data so it’s always protected.

A business app helps you work smarter.

Email. Meetings. Contacts. Docs in the cloud. Good Pro brings them all together in a single app, with smart interactions that help you work smarter too. Why jump from app to app when Good Pro puts it all in one place?

Work smarter
Productive everywhere

A business app helps you be productive everywhere.

On the run? Good Pro lets you see your highest priority info at a glance. In the car? Powerful speech-to-text and text-to-speech abilities keep your productivity high and your eyes on the road. Briefcase in one hand? No problem -- quick actions let you easily respond one-handed.

A business app gives you control over your mobile world.

Good Pro’s cloud-based self-service portal puts you in control of your business info, even if your phone or tablet is lost or stolen. Use it to lock down your business info. Secure the whole device. See where your phone or tablet actually is and, if you don’t like the answer, wipe it from anywhere.

Control over your mobile world
A business app grows with your business

A business app grows with your business

You work hard, you work smart and your business grows. And Good Pro grows right along, with an ever-growing array of data sources and partner apps. The sky’s the limit for your business – same for your business app.

Consumers use consumer apps. Your business demands a business app.
Good Pro is your business app.

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