Good Technology Introduces Trusted Authentication Framework to Enhance Mobile Security with Future-Proof Authentication Protection

Jun 03, 2014 | New York and Sunnyvale, CA

Empowers enterprise developers and ISVs to introduce innovative authentication methods for Good-secured apps, increasing flexibility and reducing costs for organizations

Good Technology™, the leader in secure mobility, today announced a Trusted Authentication Framework, enabling enterprise app developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) across the Good-secured ecosystem to easily leverage innovative multi-factor authentication methods. This new framework, made possible by the unique, secure inter-app communication capabilities of the Good Dynamics® Secure Mobility Platform, delivers the flexibility for organizations to select the most appropriate authentication solutions without requiring integration with each individual app they’re deploying. Early access Good Trusted Authenticator partners include Biometrics Associates, EyeVerify, Intercede, Mi-Token and Precise Biometrics.

The Good-secured app ecosystem empowers organizations to deploy secure and productivity-enhancing workflows to employees, partners and customers, and allows third party and in-house enterprise developers and ISVs to create new Good-secured apps and services using the Good Dynamics platform. Good’s Trusted Authentication Framework extends these capabilities, providing a set of APIs that enable Trusted Authenticators to introduce apps or hardware that can be used to authenticate other apps across the ecosystem. Good’s Trusted Authenticators are able to leverage many innovative authentication methods, including two-factor, one-time password (OTP), smart cards and biometrics authentication, and to establish single sign-on (SSO) in tandem with these solutions.

The Trusted Authentication Framework enables organizations to provide a superior user experience by allowing for easy integration of new authentication methods as they emerge. In addition, they can take advantage of the Trusted Authentication Framework to build their own custom authentication methods in-house, and may realize cost savings by leveraging existing two-factor authentication infrastructures and reducing the costs associated with hard tokens.

“Security is one of the top concerns across the enterprise, whether you’re an organization deploying mobile apps to your employees, customers and partners, or a developer creating one of those apps,” said Dr. Nicko van Someren, Chief Technology Officer at Good Technology. “Organizations are seeking authentication solutions that provide both greater security and enhanced ease of use and the market has responded with a number of innovative solutions in this space. Integrating these capabilities with the Good Dynamics platform means that Good is now delivering an even more comprehensive, secure development framework that facilitates the creation and adoption of the most comprehensive mobile security features available.”

The ecosystem of innovative Good Trusted Authenticator partners includes:

  • Biometric Associates, LP
    • baiMobile® Credential Service for Good Dynamics allows apps to access credentials stored on a smart card, and perform actions such as authentication, digital signing, and decryption, using those certificates
    • baiMobile® 3000MP Bluetooth and the baiMobile® 301MP-L USB/Lightning® Smart Card Readers support standard smart cards such as CAC and PIV for DOD and other U.S. Government agencies
  • EyeVerify
    • Leverages Eyeprint ID™ biometric technology for password-free mobile secure authentication at a glance
    • Uses a mobile device’s camera to image and pattern match the blood vessels in the whites of the eye
    • Eyeprint ID is equivalent to a 50 character complex password
  • Intercede
    • Simple method for adding strong authentication, signing and encryption to apps
    • Supports both on and off-device credentials such as PIV, CAC and TWIC smart cards, Bluetooth, SIM, TEE, MicroSD, Keychain
    • Enables delivery of user credentials to mobile devices, ready for FIPS201-2 and derived credentials
  • Mi-Token
    • Long-life battery (~12 month) BLE 2FA Token integrated with Good for Enterprise®
    • Multi-device support: authenticate on 10 mobile devices & PCs with one secure token
    • Featuring Proximity Authentication & Log-off, Signing & Re-assignable slots
  • Precise Biometrics
    • Provides strong second factor authentication through built-in smart card reader and fingerprint sensor for iOS and Android devices
    • Sleek form fitting case acts as badge holder and provides immediate smart card authentication
    • Enables CAC/PIV/TWIC/FRAC second factor authentication with various Good Dynamics apps

The Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform integrates app containerization, mobile application management (MAM), an enterprise app store, mobile service management (MSM) and mobile device management (MDM), simplifying the creation of secure mobile apps and the ongoing management of apps, data, and devices. 

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