Easy Mobile Device Management (MDM) Setup

Easily Setup MDM & Manage Devices

Permit self-enrollment of iOS and Android devices for use within the enterprise to minimize setup time, increase productivity and reduce support costs. Automatically configure devices, deploy apps, and, if necessary, wipe data – either all data or just corporate data – based on an employee’s status in the corporate directory system (e.g., Active Directory). Control ongoing support costs via a self-service portal that allows users to handle common tasks (e.g., add a device, lock device, wipe device, password reset) immediately on their own.

Automate Policy Enforcement

A rich set of policy controls over password, device encryption, camera, Wi-Fi, VPN, app whitelisting and blacklisting and more, provides IT with the required management for MDM-enrolled devices. Integration with corporate directory systems enables no-touch operations via continual enforcement of policies based on corporate directory groups.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Policy Enforcement
Mobile Device Management (MDM) Asset and Compliance Reporting

Report on Assets and Compliance

Pre-built charts enable easy tracking of asset-related metrics – e.g., device status, installed apps, utilization, etc., and expense management reports. Full Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) reporting provides visibility into compliance violations, audit reports, IT policy history and IT policy inventory.

Take Advantage of New iOS 8 Features

Centrally manage the heterogeneous enterprise mobile landscape, across device models and mobile operating systems. Take advantage of the latest mobile device management features including new iOS 8 business-oriented capabilities such as new restrictions, the new device enrollment process, managed domains and always-on VPN.