Good Dynamics Network Operations Center

With minimal setup, enterprises can use the cloud-based Good Dynamics Network Operation Center (NOC) to enable Good-secured apps access to behind the firewall servers and other resources without opening inbound firewall ports, adding DMZ/VPN infrastructure or allowing direct connections between mobile devices and corporate resources. By providing a highly available datacenter including a geo-redundant disaster recovery site, the NOC allows enterprises to focus on their core business without worrying about the availability or security of their mobility infrastructure.

Good Dynamics Direct Connect

The Good Dynamics Direct Connect deployment option uses either an optional commercial off-the-shelf proxy or the Good Proxy server in the DMZ to provide a direct app data path, from the device to behind the firewall servers and other resources. It provides enhanced control for enterprises that need to keep data within national and/or corporate boundaries as app data flows directly to/from the corporate network. Data round trips are reduced, resulting in improved bandwidth utilization and opportunity to create containerized apps which are sensitive to network performance (e.g., HTTP video streaming). Also because of the decreased round trip time, apps can refresh faster, contributing to a superior user experience.